La Petite Jumelle is a Twin!!!!

It was born forty years ago by the vision of Michalis Orfanos and it has been materialised by his children, starting from a small family business that became a large modern industrial production unit.

A “little twin” who believes in the coexistence of the automated with the hand-crafted production,  who invents and produces luxurious packaging solutions from paper, cardboard, and various other materials. La Petite Jumelle combines creatively the aforementioned and other materials, applying both traditional and modern techniques and methods, based on the commitment to the distinctive, always with great sensitivity and respect to the environment. 

La petite jumelle is a team of young, imaginative and creative people with experience and care, offering quality production of sophisticated and perfectly made packaging solutions. The company is also based on the years of possessed experience, the vertical production and the state-of-the-art diverse equipment that has been recently embellished and renewed through the acquirement of specialised machines as well as a new digital high-precision cutting machine which significantly reduces both the time and the cost of the production. La Petite Jumelle can also produce unique on-demand packaging products in both big and small quantities.

Last but not least, the long lasting relationship of trust La Petite Jumelle’s team has builted with their customers, based on reliability and consistency, allows them to accept no limits on their creativeness and passion for perfection.